3 Reasons to Drink Coffee Before your Next Workout


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3 Reasons to Drink Coffee Before your Next Workout

coffee before workout

Coffee can definitely be described as a feel-good drink, giving you that extra boost in the morning, helping you get through your day or comforting you in the evening. It isn’t surprising then that it is consumed by some 100 million Americans on a daily basis. But could this magical drink hold secret benefits when it comes to fitness and sport activities?


Every coffee drinker in the world knows what a great job coffee does, helping you wake up in the morning and giving you that extra boost during the day. That stimulating feeling comes from caffeine, which stimulates your central nervous system by blocking a calming neurotransmitter called adenosine and also stimulates the release of adrenaline. What this means is that your body feels much more awake and alert, and goes into an active mode sometimes called “fight or flight”.

This alertness can have a very positive effect on your workout: it prepares your body for physical activity by raising your pulse, tightening your muscles, and releasing glucose into your blood stream for that extra push your body needs when active. In other words, by drinking coffee, you help prepare your body for action, while also clearing any dozy feelings (with similar positive effects on your sex life).

Performance Enhancing

You’ve drunk that coffee before workout cup, and now your body is better prepared, but what about during the workout itself. Well, according to many recent studies, caffeine has a greatly beneficial physiological effect on athletic endurance. Caffeine has been shown to help athletes accomplish better results in prolonged athletic activities; this is due to better muscular endurance, meaning muscles can go slightly longer doing more intense workouts.

This effect of caffeine is so widely known and accepted, the International Olympics Committee has actually banned high levels of caffeine in athletes’ blood. So if you’re an Olympic athlete, you are not allowed to have over 12 mg of caffeine in your blood. If you’re just a regular Joe who enjoys a good workout every now and then, you should definitely use the benefits of coffee to your advantage.

Fat Burning

When on a crusade to burn fat and get a flatter stomach, it is well known that the best way to achieve this is to combine a healthy and balanced diet with physical activity. We already know how beneficial coffee is to your workout, but what if I told you caffeine has been proven to help burn fat?

Coffee, with its high caffeine content, increases the rate fatty acids are dissolved from the adipose tissue into the blood stream. This process works especially well when mixed with a physical workout, creating the perfect storm of fat burning and contributing to a healthier lifestyle.

Even if you’re not on a mission to get a flatter stomach, integrating a few cups of coffee a day with a healthy diet and a touch of physical activity can go a long way to keeping healthy, fit, and above all happy.

Now all that is left – is to start drinking excellent quality coffee!