5 Best Nespresso® Machines – Discover Which Machine Suits You


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5 Best Nespresso® Machines – Discover Which Machine Suits You

best nespresso machine - review

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The world of coffee drinkers can generally be divided into two groups, those who will not settle for anything less than the perfect cup of coffee, and those who are casual drinkers preferring a more laid-back hustle-free approach.

The coffee universe however, looks nothing like it used to a decade ago. Today a casual drinker may easily and quickly make a great Cappuccino at home and those die-hard premium coffee fans need not travel to villages in Colombia or Italy to find the perfect cup.

All this is possible with the emerging coffee capsule machines. These use coffee blend capsules mounted into the machine to produce premium coffee time and time again, in your own kitchen, simply and easily.

If this sounds like a great idea you may ask yourself, well where do I begin? Your greatest investment is of course the coffee machine, in today’s market no one produces better quality coffee machines than Nespresso®, And if you’re concerned about being tied down with using expensive capsules, there are fantastic compatible alternatives.

So now that you’re interested, let’s show you our picks for the 5 top Nespresso® machines. These machines vary in price & features, but they are all outstanding in their own way, and can all fit capsules compatible with Nespresso®.

CITIZ & Milk – Sleek and Flexible

nespresso machine review

The CITIZ & Milk machine has a wider base and includes a milk frother, in contrast with the basic CITIZ machine. This machine offers a basic and simple capsule coffee maker with a quick heat-up time of 25 seconds, folding cup tray for larger cups and an added milk frother which allows for a greater range of coffee types to be made; from a basic Espresso to a Cappuccino or large Latte.

Citiz & Milk – retail price 299$

INNISIA – Affordable Little Gem

nespresso machine review

Perhaps the most affordable of the bunch, INNISIA offers all the basic features in a simple compact design. Even though it does not offer a full range of coffee cup sizes, and does not come with a milk frother or steamer; its small size fitting every corner, light weight and fast heat-up time of 25 seconds are enough to make the INNISIA a real gem on a low budget. INNISIA is great for casual coffee drinkers or those not willing to invest too much in a coffee machine.

Innisia – retail price 129$

LATISIMA Pro – All Your Needs in One Machine

nespresso machine review

Inspired by true professional coffee makers, the LATISIMA Pro is beautiful in design and comes with full features for a complete coffee-making experience. It has a built in milk frother, an auto clean system, a touch screen, it is fully programmable and it will even alert you when the water tank is empty. The LATISIMA Pro is the real deal when it comes to coffee capsule machines, it offers an immense variety while extremely simple to operate.

Latisima Pro – retail price 599$

KITCHENAID EMPIRE – Add Some Style to Your Kitchen

nespresso machine review

KitchenAid are well known for their quality kitchen appliances and the KITCHENAID EMPIRE is no different. Arguably the highest quality machine and stylish in design, this coffee machine is perfect for coffee lovers, it retains the simplicity of smaller machines but adds more variety and features offering many more options for the more advanced consumers. KITCHENAID EMPIRE offers pre-programed options for six different cup sizes, a fast heat-up of 25 seconds and a folding cup tray allowing bigger cups to be used. This machine is great for those who enjoy coffee as much as they enjoy style.

KitchenAid Empire – retail price 399$

PIXIE – Compact and Elegant

nespresso machine review

Produced by DeLonghi, PIXIE is the perfect combination of simplicity, elegance and pricing. It is a compact machine with style, although lacking many features, thus able to make a lesser variety of coffee, it is still great for those who are on the go and value simplicity and space. PIXIE is suited for those who enjoy their coffee in small doses such as Espresso or Americano, and love minimized features and effort.

Pixie – retail price 229$

We all know deciding is the hardest part, each machine offers different features at different price ranges, and it’s entirely up to you which suits you most. The great thing about buying a machine for pods compatible with Nespresso®, is that there are great alternative capsules out there, much more affordable and with higher quality blends. So there is nothing that should stop you from enhancing you coffee drinking experience.

** Rosso and its products are not endorsed by, sponsored by, licensed by or approved by Nespresso® USA Ins. Nespresso® is a registered trademark of Societe des Produits Nestle S.A. **