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Let’s talk about money. Better yet – let’s talk about saving money. Some of you may be uncomfortable with such an important topic, but knowing how and when to save a few dollars on the things we enjoy, goes a very long way. So how about coffee capsules, we drink a few cups of coffee a day – and why not enjoy the finer things in life, gone are the days when luxury has to be expensive. By switching from a popular capsule provider, to a lesser known high quality alternative like Rosso, you can surprisingly save hundreds of dollars a year – and it really is that simple. So let’s see what you can do with the money you’ve saved during the year. Remember, this is just by switching from a big brand to Rosso Caffe capsules.

Wine has for decades been known as a staple of quality, surrounded by a field of experts, wine tasters, and countless wine collectors and drinkers. Coffee being the second most traded commodity in the world, also enjoys a large halo of quality and expert production methods, making a cup of coffee very much comparable to a glass of wine. Let's have a look at classic wine and coffee parings, using our premium coffee blends and comparing them with quality popular wines out there.