Compatible Coffee Capsules – Is It Worth The Switch?


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Compatible Coffee Capsules – Is It Worth The Switch?

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Let’s talk about money. Better yet – let’s talk about saving money. Some of you may be uncomfortable with such an important topic, but knowing how and when to save a few dollars on the things we enjoy, goes a very long way. So how about coffee capsules, we drink a few cups of coffee a day – and why not enjoy the finer things in life, gone are the days when luxury has to be expensive. By switching from a popular capsule provider, to a lesser known high quality alternative like Rosso, you can surprisingly save hundreds of dollars a year – and it really is that simple.

So let’s see what you can do with the money you’ve saved during the year. Remember, this is just by switching from a big brand to Rosso Caffe capsules.

43” Ultra HD Smart LED TV

One year after you’ve switched to Rosso Caffe alternative capsules, you will be able to treat your living room to an amazing top-of-the-line smart HD LED television. This revolutionary TV will take your viewing experience truly to the next level, with 43 inches of high definition amazing quality, plus it includes a the state of the art technology of Smart TV.

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2 Night Vacation to Manhattan at the Heart of New-York City

You could take your partner or a friend on a 2 night vacation to New-York city, including a city sightseeing all inclusive pass for 2 days. Perhaps it’s time to see all the museums this magical city has to offer, take walks around all the hot-spots, enjoy great New-York food and at the end of the day have an amazing night at one of the major 3 start hotels in the city’s center.


High Quality Backyard Swimming Pool

With summer upon us, perhaps it’s time to get that outdoor swimming pool you always dreamed of having. For the prices of a year’s saving using Rosso’s great quality coffee capsules, you could buy yourself or your family a 48’’ deep 16 ft. large round high quality swimming pool for your back yard. And after being the envy of the entire neighborhood and all your friends, you could just take it apart and fold it during the winter time.

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7 ft. Billiard Table including Accessories

A billiard table isn’t for everyone, you may not have room around your home for it, but if you do – nothing could be more relaxing as a game of billiard or pool in your own house. For upgrading your coffee experience and paying less for just one year, you could get this great 7 ft. long billiard table, and still have some change for cool accessories!


5 Luxurious Suits  

Whether you work in an up class office, have a management position or simply go out to occasional business meetings or special events, everyone needs a few sharp looking suits in their closet. With the money you’ll save after switching to Rosso Caffe capsules, you could buy not one but five great quality luxurious and smart suits – that might give you that special edge.

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Apple 15.4’’ MacBook Pro Laptop

Apple computers value quality over anything else, that’s why their products tend to be more costly than most other computers. However, with a year’s worth of saving while using Rosso’s premium quality capsules, you could upgrade your laptop to a 15.4” MacBook Pro laptop, considered one of the best and most stable laptops out there today.


LATISIMA PRO Coffee Capsule Machine

Here’s an absolute no brainer, just one year after switching to Rosso Caffe capsules, you could upgrade your coffee capsule machine to the LATISIMA PRO Nespresso® Original Line coffee capsule machine. This machine provides the complete coffee making experience & with style – it even includes a milk frother! If you rather the simpler smaller machines, for the same price you could get yourself 2 beautiful PIXIE capsule machines.

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Upgrade your Kitchen Appliances

With one year’s savings on capsules, you could take your partner to your favorite home & kitchen store and upgrade almost your whole kitchen. You could buy new pans, stylish dish sets and even replace some of those old appliances. Why not get yourself a new mixer, such as a new KitchenAid machine, it would help you with the many great recipes you’ve been trying to get just right.


12 month Gym Membership

Gym memberships can by quit expensive, but by saving on your capsules by switching to Rosso Caffe and enjoying great quality coffee at an affordable price – you could pay for a full 12 months of gym membership. So maybe it’s time to stop with the excuses and take the important step to getting into shape, for every year on Rosso Caffe capsules, you can spend a year at the gym.

nespresso compatible capsules - value saving


And Much More

There are of course hundreds more things you could do after one year of using Rosso Caffe capsules. You could buy about 25 colorful and stylish Polo shirts from your favorite brands, you could also purchase 60 MP3 downloadable music albums. If you’re an avid gamer, you could purchase around 12 blockbuster video games for your PC, X-Box or PS. If you’re a bit of a book lover you could buy about 200 bestseller E-Books to read with a cup of coffee on your tablet, you could also buy about 25 top brand perfumes – for every occasion you could ever think about.

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I’ve already switched over to Rosso Caffe, and I’m enjoying their high quality coffee while also saving some money. So, for me it’s a win-win situation, but you don’t have to take my word – check out Rosso Caffe’s reviews from all the happy coffee lovers & money savers out there.