When Merlot Met Espresso


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When Merlot Met Espresso

wine and coffee

Wine has for decades been known as a staple of quality, surrounded by a field of experts, wine tasters, and countless wine collectors and drinkers. Coffee being the second most traded commodity in the world, also enjoys a large halo of quality and expert production methods, making a cup of coffee very much comparable to a glass of wine.

Let’s have a look at classic wine and coffee parings, using our premium coffee blends and comparing them with quality popular wines out there.

A coffee bean is much like a grape, they both vary according to species, local climate and the specific region where they grow. Premium coffee just like quality wine is rare and expensive, furthermore sought-after flavors of wine just like with coffee, are achieved by blending different varieties of grape or bean. Perhaps the biggest similarity between the worlds of coffee and wine, involves those who drink them, true wine lovers will stop at nothing to find the perfect bottle of the best harvest and year. Real coffee lovers are the same, they will not stand for low quality instant or filter coffee when they can drink premium blends made from their favorite coffee beans, blended and roasted to perfection.

At Rosso, we too have coffee experts, and not surprisingly our blends are of premium quality catering to all those true coffee lovers out there. So I have created this fun list comparing our coffee blends with top red wine varieties.

Cabernet Sauvignon: Gentleman

Cabernet Sauvignon is one of the most iconic red wine varieties, it is full-bodied with a noticeable acidity and is characterized by blackcurrant notes, along with minty and black cherry flavors.

Our Gentleman blend also features a strong full-bodied texture, a smooth aromatic flavor and subtle fruity notes. This is achieved by blending premium Arabica beans from Ethiopia and South Africa with a touch of Robusta from Vietnam, slowly roasted to maintain maximum flavor.

Petit Syrah: Intelligente

Known outside the US as Durif, Petit Syrah has relatively high acidity with a full-body and mild boldness. It is characterized by spicy notes of herbs and black pepper, together with blue fruit flavors of plums and blueberries, so it is well balanced between fruity and earthy flavors.

Created from the rare Sidamo Arabica beans exclusively grown in Ethiopia, our Intelligente blend is also characterized by a full rounded body, with a delicate balance between earthier woody notes and sweet fruity aromas. Unlike Petit Syrah grapes, which can be found in many parts of the world including large parts of the US, the Sidamo beans are much rarer, found only in the Sidamo area in Ethiopia.


Syrah: Maestro

The Syrah variety is known for a very bold full-bodied character and relatively high acidity. Syrah flavors are considered much richer and earthier, with notes of Eucalyptus, black pepper, dark chocolate, blackberry and cloves.

By blending slow roasted Arabica beans from Tanzania and Costa Rica, our Maestro blend is also characterized by rich aromas of cocoa and hazelnut, and just as Syrah is considered a relatively bold wine, Maestro is considered one of our bolder coffee blends.


Pinot Noir: Delicato

Pinot Noir is a very delicate grape variety, light-bodied and low acidity. Its characteristic flavors vary between green notes of cabbage and leaves when grown in cool climates, and red berries such as cherry and strawberry when grown in medium climates.

Delicato is one of our milder more delicate blends, like Pinot Noir it has lighter flavors with fruity notes and a slight sweet smooth character. It is created by a blend of Colombian and Hawaiian Arabica beans which are lightly roasted in order to preserve the gentle flavors of the bean. Just like Arabica beans are considered relatively harder to grow and produce, Pinot Noir is also considered a harder grape to grow and cultivate.

Merlot: Ricco

Merlot is another extremely well known wine variety and is considered very bold and full-bodied. Depending on the climate, its flavors range from red berry and plum, to blackberry and black plum in warmer climates.

Ricco, which is one of our premium blends, is also very bold coming from the finest coffee beans grown in the volcanic soil high altitude plantations of Costa Rica. Similar to Merlot grapes growing in hot climates, Rico too has rich chocolate notes producing a delicate richness.

wine and coffee

Chianti: Purismo

Chianti is considered one of the lighter red wine varieties, with earthier flavors and fruity notes of cherry, plum and raspberry. Chianti is very flexible, a great wine to cook with and dine with, a particular favorite in Italian food naturally.

The Purismo blend also has a mild acidity, preserving the natural flavors of the coffee bean, achieved by a light and quick roasting of Arabica and Robusta beans from India and Central America. Purismo offers delicate and rich flavors with earthy cereal notes, furthermore its delicate flavor and medium acidity make it a very flexible coffee suited for all, just like Chianti.