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Our Story

Rosso is proud to say that they are one of the last major companies involved in every step of the coffee process, from sourcing, to roasting, packing, manufacturing, and finally, delivering the pods to all the coffee lovers out there.

Locally sourced

Beans sustainably grown by local farmers.

High quality roasts

Premium coffee made into gourmet blends.

Sustainable packaging

Pods made from recyclable aluminum.

A top shelf brew for the right price.

The journey

Our History

From entrepreneurial pursuits to a coffee empire, Rosso Caffe has grown as one of the leading coffee companies on Amazon in both the U.S and Canada. Rosso has sold more than 30 million espresso pods to more than 350,000 customers in the last 6 years.

The plan

Our Future

Over the years, Rosso has grown in customers, as a company, and has extended their global reach. With the announcement of our new RESERVE Edition, Rosso plans on continuously innovating the company by formulating the rarest blends and high-quality roasts. 

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Balanced Brews

We're proud of our espresso, which has never been better from aroma to taste.

Premium Capsules

We use advanced technology with our pods to ensure sealing and freshness.

Our newest release

The RESERVE Edition

Rare flavors, quality roasts, & aluminum capsules

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