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In the world of baking, it can’t get much better than the right balance of sweetness. One great way to balance those sweet flavors is with strong aromatic flavors of fresh coffee. The cappuccino cake is surprisingly easy to make, guaranteed to be an instant hit every time.

3 shots espresso of Rosso Caramello or Vanilla capsule –
250g softened butter
250g light brown sugar
300g self-rising flour
4 eggs (beaten)
50g toasted & chopped walnuts
500g mascarpone
2 tbsp brown sugar
Cocoa powder (to decorate)


*Preheat the oven to 350F.

*Mix the butter and sugar together using the hand mixer, until you get a creamy mixture add the flour and eggs and keep mixing.

*Fold in the walnuts and one double shot of Rosso Caramello or Vanilla capsule  (3 capsules), place half of the mixture in each baking pan and bake for about 30-minutes until risen and golden.

*Let the cakes cool down for a few minutes and place on wire rack, drip some espresso on the cakes and leave to fully cool down.

*Mix the mascarpone on the cake half, place the second on the like a sandwich, and coat the top with the remaining mascarpone.

*Sprinkle a generous amount of cocoa and serve!

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